Why You Should Take A Hiking Holiday

Walking makes up a lot of our day-to-day lives, but why is it good for us? And why would it be beneficial to expand your walking capabilities and potentially make a holiday out of it?

Look After The Pennies

With so many beautiful places to visit, and so many amazing trails and hikes available in this country, it’s a great way to save some money by holiday-ing closer to home. When we go abroad the costs of travel, accommodation and meals as well as activities really adds up and a lot of the time we come back concerned about our finances and wondering if it was worth it. To enjoy a walking holiday, all you need to invest in is some hiking clothing and accessories including a tough pair of walking boots, a backpack, waterproofs and poles. If looked after, these will last you year on year and so apart from the initial outlay you won’t have to spend so much thereafter. You can often find accommodation in the UK to suit any budget and if you don’t want to splash out on meals, pre-organising food for your trip and taking it away with you is always an option.

Think of Your Health

We are always told how good exercise is for you, and walking is no different. When hiking, and doing so regularly, your fitness levels can increase and your bone density can improve. On top of that, it can really lower your blood pressure and being outdoors can have a great impact on your mental health, lifting your spirits and your mood. Taking a hike/trail is often extremely peaceful, so if you need to free your mind and gets some peace and quiet, this kind of holiday will do just the trick.

What Will You Accomplish?

A great thing about a walking holiday is that you will always get a sense of achievement at the end. Some may be tough, and you may choose a trail where you have to push yourself at certain points throughout the route, but overcoming your own boundaries and working hard to get to the end will give you such a sense of self-worth that you probably wouldn’t get from laying by the pool for a week.

The Beauty of The Country

Whatever trail you decide to take, you will no doubt get to experience the pure beauty of the countryside. When walking, you have more time to stop and marvel at things you can see instead of rushing past them. Not to mention, there are certain views you can only experience on foot – so why deprive yourself of these magical moments? Get walking!


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