Top 10 Uses For Your Log Cabin or Garden Building

Top 10 Uses For Your Log Cabin or Garden Building

  1. Home Office

Having an office to work from is imperative if you have your own business or have the opportunity to work from home / outside of a generic company office – whether that’s most days of the week or just a few hours a week. Purchasing or renting an office space can be difficult and expensive, plus you then have to factor in travel which can be a drain on both time and money. Setting your laptop up in your living room, kitchen or spare room is always an option but over time this can become an encumbrance .. in most cases, you will then start to feel like home is not actually home any more. When bringing work in to your living space, it can eventually feel like they are one in the same and you body and brain will not be able to distinguish between the 2 – or be able to actually relax in your home. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to set up a work space, a log cabin or garden building may be the perfect way to go. For larger spaces, check out our multi room category or if it is a smaller spot you need our corner log cabins and summer houses make the perfect, elegant addition to your outdoor space. Like any home, all of our buildings have the ability to have electricity and Wi-Fi so you won’t have to sit in the dark without any internet as though you are in the dark ages! You can choose your own furniture to suit your needs and your budget and can put your own spin on the décor. Decorating a log cabin or garden building needn’t be pricey or complicated; a few shelves, plants and a nice rug go a long way in these lovely dwellings plus with the windows, any natural light will really brighten the whole place. With a few tweaks, your outhouse can be anything you want it to be!

BBGC Top recommendation for working from home: Firestone for Multi Room, Oasis for Single Room Summerhouse


  1. Gym

Have you ever begrudged the fees of a gym membership? Paying every month but feeling like you don’t have the time or energy to make the most of it? The travel there every time you want even a small workout? Having to exercise with a bunch of other people? At BBGC we feel that a home gym could be a wonderful way to take the burden out of exercise! Any of our luxurious looking but value for money buildings would work fabulously as a gym room. With just a few pieces of equipment you could transform the way your work out. No more need to travel so you can pop in at any point during the day or night, making exercise much more convenient and relaxed. Nobody watching or judging you, or trying to have a conversation whilst sweat is dripping down your beetroot red face. Why not go a little further and purchase one of our multi rooms for your new gym, and have a shower installed or a healthy drinks / snacks room so that others can use your exercise room too, or even just so that you can escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life for even longer before you return home!


BBGC Top Recommendation for the gym: New Forest or Hopton


  1. Woman / Man cave

Occasionally we all just need a little time to ourselves, right? You could use one of our beautiful buildings as your own personal space. If you find there aren’t enough rooms or quiet spaces in your house for you to truly relax and unwind, a log cabin is a perfect garden getaway. They come as a blank canvas so are ideal to personalise and tailor to your mood and your style (refer to Interior Design Blog for hints and tips on how to make the most of your building when decorating). That way, when the noise is too much, you need some air and sunlight or you just fancy relaxing in a space that is all yours, you will always find your own personal haven in your cabin.

BBGC Top Recommendation for your cosy cave: Ardcastle for a corner spot or Grizedale


  1. Pool Cabana

Sheds or log cabins can be really useful as pool huts for several reason. A nice little out building will add character to your garden space and will help your pool look less lonely. It can be incredibly useful for storage – do you have pool toys or sun loungers that you have to leave out, or drag back and forth from the house each time? A simple shed will fix that and keep your pool accessories in good condition so they don’t break, fade in the sun or blow away in the bad weather. If you wanted to go a step further, a qualified electrician can easily ‘electrify’ your pool cabana and you can have a fridge in there to store pool snacks and drinks or even running water to wash off before or after a swim. On top of this, you can add baskets or shelves to store toiletries such as sun creams and body sprays, robes, towels, and any other necessities you would use whilst taking a dip.

BBGC Top Recommendation for a pool hut: Dean or Hemsted


  1. Storage

A very conventional use for a shed / cabin. Most households have the usual garden tools and one of our basic sheds is the perfect storage for all things outdoorsy. From mowers and garden tools to hiking boots, push bikes, bbq’s and hosepipes. Anything garden or outdoor related can be easily locked away neatly in a classic, stylish storage shed.

BBGC Top Recommendation for garden storage: Bradley or Danbury


  1. Games Room

Sometimes there is not enough space in your home for the children to play, or practice their hobbies. Other times it is just a case of needing an entirely different, unique space for these things. Whether its an adult’s entertainment room with a games table and dart board or a hideaway for the kids to practice painting, musical instruments or just to take their friends and play with toys without cluttering up your beautifully tidy living room – why not introduce a whole new, fun twist to your garden building. After an adult’s dinner party, you could create the perfect space for entertainment with a nice relaxing sofa, a pool table and a mini bar for post dinner drinks or for the children, what better way to keep noise and clutter out of the house than allowing them their very own creation space. You could even add a mirror and a bar for the dance and ballet enthusiasts, a ball pit for the young ones or an easel for the aspiring Van Gough’s of the world! Alternatively, why not make it fun for the whole family plus guests, and create a home cinema for all to use?

BBGC Top Recommendation for games and entertainment: Wykenham or Twyford – or for the very little kiddies our Salcey log playhouse is the perfect garden building for fun and games.


  1. Private Living/ Accommodation

Aside from all of the obscure and particular uses for our cabins, one of the most logical and common functions is as a living space. There are so many reasons why you could need to use a log cabin for residential purposes, and what a better place to make a home or temporary dwelling. All of our cabins have the potential to have electricity, running water and to be fully insulated – you can even go as far as to install underfloor heating. These buildings make a low-cost alternative to your standard homes but with all the benefits. Whether it’s for yourself, friends, relatives or paying guests – There is no cosier place to stay than a log cabin home.

BBGC Top Recommendation for living: Elveden or Kingswood. All products can be fully customised and thus, can have as many separate rooms as you would require.


  1. Hot Tub Chalet

There is only one building perfect for this use. Our Bere cabin has been specifically designed to host your party favourite – the hot tub! With a huge entrance and big windows to keep it fun and open plan, but a weatherproof sloping roof to keep the elements away from your tub, this is the perfect party-hosting, hot-tub-maintaining garden building.


  1. Garage

Once again there is one building perfectly suited to this job. Whether you want a big workshop space combined with storage of your vehicle or you simply want a place for your cars and/or bikes to live, the Bradenham garage cabin is both a constructive and stylish addition to your home. Many houses don’t have built on spaces for vehicles but this timber building is the perfect compromise – with all the practicality and functionality of an actual garage space but the class and versatility that a log cabin brings.


  1. Run Your Business

Although we have mentioned the cabins can be great as a work / office space, the next level to this is actually running your business from one. Hairdressing, dance, yoga, beauty therapy, private tuition (classroom), physiotherapy – just to name a few! There must be hundreds of vocations that can be carried out in the safe and smart environment of a garden building. With the ability to add rooms as required as well as adding electricity, heating and WiFi, any of our cabins can be made to feel like work environments. Save yourself the burden of renting a place that is not ideal and costs you an arm and a leg each month, or from going through the rigmarole of applying for planning permission etc for an extension on the house – OR from having to transform one of your precious home rooms in to something you need to use for work! Whether small or large, one room or plenty – all of our products can be easily made in to your perfect business location.

BBGC Top Recommendation for your business: Firestone or Ringwood

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