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Interior Design

Interior Design

Having had the pleasure of communicating with customers who have purchased log cabins and garden buildings for many years, I have seen some wonderful transformations on both the inside and out of many variations of these magnificent garden rooms and spaces. When people speak of sheds or cabins the stereotype that is initially considered is that of quite a mundane, limited building. On the contrary, these fantastic garden constructions can be turned in to your own personal havens given a bit of time and creativity.

Here I will share some tips on how to make the most of your new space, whatever size and style it may be:

  1. Recycle and save money – kitting out your shed, summerhouse or cabin needn’t be expensive. With smaller rooms the more patterns and textures you can add, the more warmth and life your den will have. Take a look around your home and see what you no longer use or what you feel may be unloved or out of place – the more little things you can pop in to your building, the more personality it will have. Don’t be afraid to add old to new, or new to old .. quirkiness is key.


  1. Soften the floor – You may feel that the hard floor doesn’t give you as much comfort as you would like. Use a rug or large mat as a centrepiece to your building. It doesn’t need to be large but something with some texture or colour can add luxury and cosiness in to the room.


  1. Insulation – if you do have a slightly larger budget you may want to think about insulating and heating your room. Even though it is not a conventional house or room, all of our buildings can have radiators and heaters fitted to really ramp up their functionality. If you are using your garden room to live, sleep or work in then heaters and air conditioning units may be a must have to keep you happy all year round.


  1. Add natural colour – an inexpensive and practical way to bring light and colour in to your room is plants. There are so many sizes and colours to choose from and you can change them up regularly depending on your mood or what’s in season. Plants and flowers are great for cleaning air and removing pollutants as well as balancing humidity.


  1. Paint for your space – There are many brands and variations of paint that can be used to colour your garden structure inside and out. To maximise a small space, use lighter and softer colour choices. Mirrors also help to make the most of a limited space and will magnify natural light.


I hope that these top tips give you the ideas and inspiration to really make the most of your garden building. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment to get the outdoor space you love!

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