How to Make Your Garden Dog Friendly

How to Make Your Garden Dog Friendly

How to Make Your Garden Dog Friendly


Secure Your Garden

One of the first steps to keeping your dog safe is that you ensure your garden is fully secure. You can control the dangers within your own garden but you can’t control what troublesome situations they may encounter on the outside, such as poisonous substances, dangerous objects and roads. Check the infrastructure of your fences and borders to make sure they can’t dig under or escape through holes at the base and keep your fences at least 6ft high in case you have a jumper on your hands.

Plant only dog friendly plants

Some examples are:

Sunflowers, Aster, Daylillies, Roses, Hibiscus, Marigolds, Sage, Thyme, Cilantro

Examples of plants that are toxic to dogs and should be avoided are:

Aloe Vera, Hyacinth, Iris, Hydrangea, Carnation, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, Geranium

Avoid Using Chemicals

Using chemicals can be toxic to all wildlife so be very cautious that what you are using on your garden is not poisonous to your dogs if they ingest, or make contact with what you have put anywhere on your garden. Similarly, if you have a water feature it is best not to add chemicals or additives to it as inevitably sooner or later your pets will attempt to drink from it.

Make sure any Sheds/Outbuildings are Secure

These kinds of things in your garden are often home chemicals, tools or sharp objects that would potentially be harmful to your dog and other pets. Even if you think they are out of reach, this does not always mean they are safe so it is wise to keep your garden buildings locked and secure.

Make your Garden Stimulating

Create variations in your garden that safely keep your dogs occupied. Of course, dogs love to run on grassy areas but they also like to snuffle through bushes, explore gravelled areas and any variating textures will add diversity and thus, happiness to your dog’s time in the garden.

Protect your Lawn (and Plants)

If you have precious areas of your garden that you don’t like your dog to play in or be on, create special areas for them that will encourage them to stick to the places you don’t mind. Sand pits/areas can be great for them to dig in or soft mats for them to lay on can be a great idea.

Secure your Compost / Food Waste Bins

These can contain scraps and waste foods that are harmful to dogs. They have a nature to forage but don’t always know what is harmful to them so make sure they can’t access them in order to prevent any accidents.

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