General Garden Cabin Specs

19mm Log Cabins

The interior has no wall framework and is warm and inviting, even on cold days.


Only the best timber is used for production by Shire (our supplier) for their Log Cabins. Timber is imported from Russia and Sweden where trees are grown very slowly, resulting in the best material with less branches and therefore few knots. The timber is milled at Shire’s mill in Wisbech which means Shire are able to quality control timber from start to finished product.

Shire are one of the few manufacturers who operate out of the UK.

Log cabins are NOT made in panels. Individual boards are supplied that need to be assembled on site to create a beautiful finish inside and out.


The wall material is 19 mm thick, interlocking logs. The roof and floor is 10 mm tongue & groove material on 34×62 mm pressure treated bearers.


The external eaves height is 1913 mm (except Berryfield, which is 2025 mm). The ridge height will vary from size to size and details are on the relevant page.


All windows are properly morticed and tenoned, they are opening, profiled and weather resistant. The window has a unique profiled ‘lip’ that covers the aperture of the opening in the panel making it weather resistant.


Chrome casement stays have 2 levels of opening and are supplied fitted. 3 mm horticultural glass is retained by profiled beading that is pre-mitred (no awkward corners to be cut).


Doors are morticed and tenoned, profiled and weather resistant – they match the windows, with weather resistant lip and mitred beading. The lip covers the aperture to give greater protection from the weather. Chrome handles add the finishing touch.


Buildings, unless otherwise stated, are supplied with 3 mm horticultural glass. Toughened glass or double glazing is available at an extra cost for most buildings.


Buildings, unless otherwise stated, are supplied with 38 kg felt (per 10 m roll). Felt tiles come in a choice of red, green and black are available at an extra cost for most buildings.

Finishing Touches

All facia and wood trims are provided to add a neat and properly finished superior building.


All Log Cabins are supplied untreated.


Should you require a different size, additional doors or windows or anything else not shown – please let us know. Shire also produce log cabins using 28, 34, 44 and 70 mm timber. Shire are able to produce anything you would like.


Any building pictured as painted is for illustration purposes only. Most buildings are shown decorated with flowers, tools, seats, toys, etc – these are shown for photographic purposes only and are not included in the sale of the building.