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Garden Office Vs. Renting – The Benefits of a Garden Building


Being in an office inevitably comes with compromises. Perhaps the desk is too big, or too small. The plug sockets are in inconvenient places or there is disturbing noise from neighboring businesses or residences. Whatever your struggles are, a bespoke space of your own can solve these problems. Not only will you be able to choose the physicality’s for your space, it will be totally your own and so you will be comfortable and relaxed – which will inevitably help you and your business flourish. If you have meetings within your work, clients will feel content and at ease – as well as getting a superb first impression which could help you gain future business.

Cost Effective

Renting a space for your work can be a huge cost each month, and you are paying money in to something you will never own. Although this is money well spent in the sense that it is allowing you to complete your work effectively, it is definitely not the best use for the money you are spending.

However you pay for your garden building (and there are options available – finance is sometimes the easiest) it is without a doubt a better investment. It will be less expensive monthly to pay in instalments, and it will also be more beneficial as eventually the building will belong to you and there will be no further payments. So long as it is looked after, the building will hold its value and could be an asset to you in the future. On top of this, if you have a multi-room building you can rent this to other business people and make your savings even greater!

Time and Energy Saving

Even if you don’t mind travelling, the fact is that it takes time. Time to actually transport to your office, time to get ready to leave the house, time to gather all of your necessary belongings to take with you. In your own garden building, this cuts down dramatically on travel time. It also means you don’t have to worry about what you might need to wear, or take with you – being so close to home you will have everything available to you at all times for whenever you may need.

Work-Life Balance

Life is full of up’s and down’s, and curveballs, and although we need to pay the bills in order to maintain our personal and social lives it’s mentally and physically important to maintain a good balance and make sure you can get everything done. Rented office spaces usually have strict times of usage, and if your office is a journey away from your home you may often find it’s not time effective to ‘pop’ to or from for whatever reason. Having your office in your garden, you can tend to all the necessities – doctors’ appointments, set timed deliveries, poorly family members or anything else you have to squeeze in to your day – and make up the time later that evening or earlier in the mornings. Being able to just ‘nip’ to your garden office and work flexibly instead of within set hours will open up so much more time for you to effectively achieve all of your daily duties.

Home Value

Research has proven that a garden building can add instant value to your home. An already established and paid for cabin or summerhouse makes a house much more attractive visually and may just be the tipping point for buyers that would’ve otherwise been unsure. Whether you are planning to sell in the future or not, it is always worth bearing in mind that if that time had to come, you could increase the value of your home by approximately £10-15,000.

Increased Productivity

With all of the above benefits, you will more than likely be in a better mental space. It is scientifically proven that when in a positive and happy frame of mind, our performance flourishes. If you are happy and comfortable in your surroundings you will be able to up the level of work that you actually do as well as producing a better quality of work within your job role.



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