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10 Ideas To Occupy Yourself and Others During These Scary Covid Times

Whether you are working normally, working from home, home schooling, isolating or a mixture of these – we are still in unprecedented and uncertain times so no doubt you will be looking to find alternative ways to have fun whilst staying safe!

  1. Organise and clean your home

This sounds like the most boring option ever, but with all this time to spare whilst most places are still closed and the threat is still out there, there really is no better time to do some nesting and get your home sparkling from top to bottom. You may not like the thought of it but I can assure you, once it’s complete you will feel totally accomplished!

  1. Read a book about hiking, mountaineering, rafting, or other types of adventure

Even if these aren’t things you would ordinarily do, it’s a great time to find out about interesting new things that you can try when things get back to normal. These examples are great ways to make the most out of nature and explore the world in ways you may not have done before which will no doubt give you a huge boost at some point in the future.

  1. Categorise photos from a past adventure

With smart phones doing most of the work these days, we tend to take snaps that over time get flooded out by new photo’s and get lost in the ‘cloud’ or way back in your album where you can never be bothered to scroll back to. Organising them in to folders such as location, feature, or people in the photo will help your brain feel organised and you will love re-visiting old memories – you could even select some favourites to get printed and frame to put around the house!

  1. Have a dance party!

If you’ve got children or even if you haven’t, it always feels great to get some energy out and dance like nobody’s watching! Parties have been a thing of the past lately, which if you are used to being sociable may feel sad and even depressing. But parting in your own home with your family can be just as fun! Pour yourself your favourite drink, put on your favourite outfit and turn your favourite songs up nice and loud. Let loose and have a boogie to boost EVERYONE’S spirits!

  1. Research the next trip you’ll take once restrictions are lifted

It might sound like that would bring your mood down even further, because you are looking at things you can’t do right now. But, fear not, this dark time won’t be forever and sure enough we will be able to return to doing the things we love, and travelling to the places we love before much longer. Having something to look forward to and knowing exactly where you will be going, and the adventures you’ll be able to have once things return to normal may just brighten your day. Also, once the restrictions are lifted you will be pretty much ready and raring to go without having to spend time planning and further delaying your next trip.

  1. Family scavenger hunt

As a family, compose a list of 10-20 things you can look for while on a walk (birds, plants, colours, anything you like!) then go on a walk through your local area, or go on a hike if you have lots of countryside around you, and the person who spots the most wins!

  1. Collect rocks and do some rock art

A simple and effective way to keep busy and create lots of happiness… Take a walk and find some rocks, bring them back to the house to clean and paint. If you’d like, you can then take them out another day and place them around your area to make other people smile too.

  1. Stargaze

This is a great way to have a science lesson and enjoy the outdoors! Do some research on constellations for this time of year, make a list of these and then search the sky for the familiar star clusters! Make sure you build some facts around each one to make this both interesting and educational.

  1. Make bird feeders out of empty milk bottles

The RSBP website tells you exactly how to recycle an old milk bottle in to a friendly bird feeder. This is fun for any age, helps the environment through recycling and gives wildlife a safe and lovely place to fill their tummies!

  1. Plant A Garden

What a better way to supply food during the epidemic. With a lot of garden and outdoor supplies still readily available and accessible, this shouldn’t be too difficult to manifest – take some time to prepare a section of your garden, if you are unsure how to do this then you can look online to give you tips and instructions. Nect, get some plants and learn about the importance of watering and weeding. It’s a project to keep the family engaged all summer.

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